Importance of Endpoint Detection and Response (EDR)

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EDR VS Firewall

Every organization incorporates antivirus and a firewall to safeguard their systems from cyber-attacks. Is there anything else required? It’s exhilarating to know that these tools help, your network be protected. Would that be enough for your system?  

We are asking this question continuously because cyber threats grow in complexity and sophistication. With advanced technology, threat actors can easily penetrate your firewalls and antivirus. Cybercriminals know you have defenses in place and are trying to make their way around them. 

Endpoint Detection

Why EDR is Important?

So, you only have a first line of defense; is there any other way to foster your network? Yes, Endpoint Detection and Response are here to help you out. You might be looking for compelling reasons to implement this in your organization. In this article, we will solve all your queries. 

What is endpoint detection and response (EDR)?

Endpoint detection and response is an endpoint security solution that integrates continuous real-time monitoring and an array of endpoint data with rules-based automated response and analysis capabilities to monitor activity data that might indicate a threat.

You just need to put the endpoint detection to your system, while your antivirus and firewall will prevent intruders from breaking into your network. EDR here will watch the threat sneaking inside it. It will help monitor all the devices and look for any suspicious activity.

Why do you need endpoint detection and response solutions in your organization?

There are a few points you need to remember that bring a lot of advantages to your organization. Here are a few reasons you need to comprehend. 

  1. Detect threats   

Data threats are prevalent in any massive organization. Firewalls and antivirus do their best to eliminate the risk of viruses. But multiple times, it’s been noticed that cyber criminals were hiding in plain sight for weeks or even months. They establish steadiness within your network and bide their time, trying to evade detection and planning their next move. 

With the help of endpoint detection, you can detect any unnoticed threats. Advanced analytics helps identify any unusual behavioral patterns that indicate a security breach. It is one of the reasons you must say yes to endpoint detection and response.

2. Prevents data breaches   

Protecting your data should be your priority whether you are a small or large business. Even after knowing the importance, many people need to pay more attention to the value of their data. Data breaches can be costly, making it necessary to consider proper measures to control these. Every year the number of data breaches increases, and your organization prevents them with the help of endpoint detection and response. The EDR system can detect real-time threats, allowing you to stop an infringement instantly.

3. Anticipates threat hunting- endpoint detection    

With the help of an antivirus, you have to wait for an alert before your occurrence response plan kicks in. Since you have to wait for the threat to be notified to you, your team is one of the biggest reasons some breaches go undetected for months. It can even lead to more advanced issues. 

In this case, considering the help of a sophisticated EDR system, you can anticipate hunting for threats in your network and monitoring for strange behavior, suspicious activity, and other threats. With this advanced solution, your team will understand whether you should further investigate and what solutions you must consider to prevent online breaches. 

4. Cost-efficient method   

When you consider purchasing an endpoint detection solution, you are paving the way to saving plenty of money. It can turn out to be one of the cost-effective solutions since it saves plenty of time and resources, and it reduces the need to monitor multiple tools and dashboards constantly. 

EDR processes can help diminish the workload of detecting and responding to threats. The endpoint detection and response cost is another reason for purchasing it.

5. Hasten’s incident response for endpoint detection  

Time is essential when it comes to containing a breach as it can help prevent an attacker from devastating your network or mitigate the damage. You can implement your incident response plan more quickly with EDR solutions because they enable you to keep track of all interactions in your network. Not only this, but it also provides real-time visibility across all endpoints, which tracks events and processes like logins, registry modifications, and network connections. That will allow your team to investigate suspicious activity and buy them time to contain a breach.

Are you ready to set up an EDR in your workplace?  

The importance of cybersecurity cannot be overstated for every organization. And considering firewalls and antivirus are not the solution your system demands. You must go with endpoint detection and response, the ultimate solution to detect and mitigate the risks. A potent security system needs multiple layers of defense, and an EDR solution is crucial. 

We have provided compelling reasons for considering taking EDR solutions for your business. 

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