What is EDR Software? – Endpoint Detection and Response

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There are 236 million ransomware attacks worldwide during the first half of 2022. According to APWG’s Phishing Activity Trends Report 2022, there were three lacs phishing attacks in 2022, and these incidents have become three times more common compared to 2021.

Advantages of EDR

EDR Software

Remote employee endpoints are vulnerable, and securing them through EDR Software is vital. If you won’t, cybercriminals invade the overall system by attacking an endpoint. Let’s continue reading about what endpoint detection and response software is and how it benefits your organization.

Why Do We Choose EDR Software?

This software integrates tools that help your cybersecurity team monitor, detect, contain, analyze, respond, and report on malicious activities on the endpoint devices connected to your corporate network.

EDR solutions have made a great buzz in the digital world. This software team allows your team to quarantine an endpoint as soon as the malicious activity is detected. Besides, it lets your team take corrective action to minimize the potential damage caused by a data breach or an attack.

Benefits Of Endpoint Detection and Response

Here are some benefits of EDR that make this software worthwhile for your investment and time.

Transparency about the Company’s Security Posture The first benefit of an EDR tool is that it makes all endpoints visible. You enjoy an incredible amount of transparency in your network. With this system, your team can recognize some blindspots and vulnerabilities. Hackers sometimes invade the system, but your team has little or no idea unless they initiate a severe attack. However, when you have this software, your cybersecurity team will notice everything. They can identify any attack on any endpoint. When you want a clear picture of the network’s overall health, you can make the most of an EDR tool. It’s easy to identify vulnerabilities and patch them.

Detects Unnoticed Attacks Many attacks go unnoticed when you don’t have endpoint security tools. Every second, your organization’s network is vulnerable without EDR software. So, there is a need to invest in a tool so that no attack goes unnoticed.

Today, hackers use sophisticated techniques, tactics, and procedures to attack an organization. They keep changing TTPS so that no security software can identify their presence. Cybercriminals often plan advanced persistent threats when they control an endpoint and then start exploiting it. Later, they plan a detailed attack on your overall network.

If you don’t install an endpoint detection tool, you won’t be able to detect and prevent an attack. Most EDR tools let you identify indicators of compromise and then deal with threats in an advanced manner. Once this software is installed on your endpoint, you can plan a better response.

Efficient Response Another benefit of EDR software is that you can detect a malicious attack before it may cause any damage or spread to another endpoint. If you don’t have this software, your team might take three to five hours for breach identification. They can only formulate a response if they investigate the threat. That means you will take more time to respond to a threat, and thereby, there are more chances of its spreading network-wide. When you take more time to respond, you must encounter more damage and the high cost of a breach.

Now, when you have an endpoint tool, you can hasten the threat detection and response process. If you opt for Open EDR®, it will isolate the infected device in a different environment. This isolation buys some time for your team to investigate this attack and devise a response plan. They get more time to respond.

Investigation of Past Attacks If you know about your malware techniques and tricks, you can win the battle against attackers easily. EDR tool is designed with forensic and analysis tools. Thereby, your team can visualize the attack chain. They understand how an attack happened on your surface. This analysis helps you determine the attacker’s techniques to plan an attack. You can add this information to your database. Next time, the attacker won’t use this malware to invade your system.

What is EDR Software and Know the Key Features of Advanced EDR Software

Vendors integrate varied techniques and tools in their endpoint detection and response software. Although every software has some unique features, you can find some standard features in most tools.

Reporting Console You can find a reporting console in your dashboard. You can enjoy visibility and transparency about your security status across all endpoints. It’s easy to know what’s happening on your system.

Advanced Response Feature These days, advanced analytics and forensic tools are added to the system. They allow you to gain more insight into past attacks. With the means of these tools, you can perform deep analysis.

Universal OS Support Different organizations employ different operating systems. The best tool is one that is compatible with various operating systems.

Wrap up – What is EDR Software

You can opt for reliable EDR software to secure your corporate endpoints. It will help your organization to detect and prevent known and unknown threats.

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